About us

 GUERRIER came to life as an online shop run by award winning Haitian-American writer and artist Fabrice Guerrier. From his base here in Los Angeles, California, he elegantly intertwines Haitian mythology, authentic culture and the true African spirit into his designs, stories and paintings. The result is a store that offers you a unique cultural experience every time you stop by.

Our name comes from the French word for ‘warrior’ and epitomizes the rebelliousness and the free spirit that we all rely on when the world needs to advance. Breaking free from limits and pushing boundaries is the true way of the warrior, and it’s something we constantly aim to emulate and celebrate. This optimism towards life, and the stoicism of enduring and embracing what it offers, allows us to breathe energy into an optimistic brand that’s always looking over the horizon at what is still to come.



Fabrice Guerrier’s journey began in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and it’s a beginning that has shaped who he is today. His firm belief is that because Haiti is a nation of African warriors that became the first modern nation to abolish slavery, they carry with them a unique spirit and vitality. This store is his humble attempt to change the narrative, reshape how Haiti is seen by the world, and share a vision of Black excellence and luxury.