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Agwé Royo Painting (9" X 12", Sheet)

Agwé Royo Painting (9" X 12", Sheet)

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Step into a realm where the mysteries of the deep blue are embodied in the captivating painting, "Agwé Royo." This extraordinary piece introduces you to a member of the Agwe family – the revered ruler of the sea and all its boundless aquatic wonders.

"Agwé Royo" isn't just a painting; it's a passage to the heart of the ocean's majesty, a conduit for the power and grace that the waves conceal within their depths. As you gaze upon this artwork, you'll find yourself drawn into the embrace of the vast, untamed sea, where every brushstroke captures the essence of Agwe's dominion.

This is the original painting and only one copy. It is also available in PRINT.

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