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Erzulie Jan Petro Painting ( 18" x 24" Canvas)

Erzulie Jan Petro Painting ( 18" x 24" Canvas)

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This artwork captures the essence of Erzulie Jan Petro, an enigmatic figure who reigns over the stormy waters, embodying both the chaos and the power of the sea. 

In the canvas, Erzulie Jan Petro emerges as a figure of intense potency. A sea spirit, a force of violent feminine beauty, she stands as a sentinel of the Petro tradition, taking on the mantle of responsibility for the temple and the spells that lay within. 

Invite "Erzulie Jan Petro" into your surroundings, and feel the currents of her energy envelop you. It's a manifestation of the balance between tranquility and chaos. Let it be a visual anchor, a reminder that even in the stormiest of times, there exists an equilibrium to be harnessed, it's a conduit to the depths of the sea spirit's power.

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