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Golden Veins - A Collection Of Stories

Golden Veins - A Collection Of Stories

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When we are faced with choices in life, sometimes we do the right thing and sometimes we do the wrong thing. We face loss like we face danger and we accept what happens always with some degree of fortitude. Whether it is our own impending death or the death of someone close, a fight to save honor or just to survive, everything we do has its own consequences.

Imagine a world where humans are drugged through the water they drink in order to pacify them. Would you adhere to the control for a more peaceful life, or rise against it?

What lengths would you go to in order to escape the racism of the 1940’s south? What dangers would you be prepared to face? Could you really change deep seated opinions and beliefs?

These stories and others are explored in Golden Veins, a collection of 10 short stories that indulge in several genres, from sci-fi and fantasy to magical realism and horror.

Each tale carries themes such as slavery and morality that are set to challenge your thinking and opinions in ways that may surprise you, often giving a different slant on how huge historical events affect the humblest of lives or simply how one person deals with the particular hand that has been dealt.

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