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Lamassu Painting (30" x 40", Canvas)

Lamassu Painting (30" x 40", Canvas)

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Step into the ethereal tapestry of time with "Lamassu" – a mesmerizing painting that transports you beyond the borders of reality and all the celestial hierarchies. This artwork encapsulates the essence of an ancient seraphic force, a being that emanated from the very breath of the divine and holds the wisdom of ages untold and always hidden. Only accessible to those who seek it.

At a glance, you might feel the echo of Hathor's grace, the power of Marduk's bull, or the serenity of Shiva's Nandi. However, the truth unveils a celestial entity hailing from the annals of Mesopotamian history – "Lamassu". This enigmatic celestial being emerges as a symbol of cosmic revelation, a bearer of light, wisdom, and profound luck, sent from unknown corners of the universe.

Before human history was etched upon the sands of time, “Lamassu” came into existence as a creation of the first breath of God herself. This ancient cosmic force embodies the transformation of the Seraphim, celestial beings that are said to guard the very edges of the throne of God. As one of the oldest and highest celestial beings, “Lamassu” is a guardian of the common people and those of Kings and Queens. As a beacon of wisdom “Lamassu” stands at the intersections of all the branches and dimensional timelines of one's existence, opening and protecting doorways if one seeks it for help with prayers that cannot never be uttered except by accessing the synchronic rivers of languages from past to future. 

The canvas captures this celestial being in all its resplendent glory. With many transformations: a human head that symbolizes intelligence, an eagle face representing freedom, a lion's head representing an infinite roar, this "Lamassu" in an Ox's body embodies strength that stands as a testament to the harmonious union of diverse attributes unseen. The vibrant hues, reminiscent of the blazing sun and the era of the Ox, embolden the painting with an energy that transcends time back to Mesopotamia.

Bring "Lamassu" into your space, and allow its sun energy to reverberate through your surroundings. This artwork captures ~ seraphonic forces, a symbol of protection, authority, and profound wisdom. Let it remind you of the boundless potential that resides within ancient knowledge, and the cosmic currents that flow through the universe's intricate fabric that we are merely humans at the mercy of divine visitations. Stare into its emerald eyes and see the profound testament to the enduring energy that connects humanity to the universe's grand tapestry and the very throne of God.

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