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Medusa's Descendant

Medusa's Descendant

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When Emilia wakes up in a cage, with her dreadlocked hair now a sea of writhing venomous snakes, she is both bemused and terrified at the same time. Her flight to a nearby street only increases her angst as passers by are turned to stone in front of her eyes but it’s much worse than even that. She has no idea who she is.

Befriended by Isaac, a young street boy who takes him to a safe place, Emilia must somehow piece together who she is and why she holds such potent powers before something dreadful happens. Could it be true that she is indeed at the center of an ancient prophecy and a direct descendant of Medusa? 

Before she has time to properly find out, Isaac is kidnapped and Emilia knows that it is up to her to rescue him before it’s too late. The secret of Emilia’s past will not remain as one for long and her true calling will soon be revealed as she prepares to do battle with the tyranny of the old Gods who have no intention of relinquishing their control. 


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