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Ogou Gé Rouge Painting (14"X17", Sheet)

Ogou Gé Rouge Painting (14"X17", Sheet)

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"Ogou Gé Rouge" – a breathtaking painting that unveils a heavenly warrior, a divine protector against the tides of negativity and harm. This artwork is an embodiment of celestial rage, a healer and defender, infused with the incandescent flames that neutralize all attacks directed towards you.

"Ogou Gé Rouge" stands as a sentinel of unparalleled power. The warrior's form is adorned with divine flames that dance and lick the edges of his being, a force that repels curses and negativity. His eyes channel celestial energy, emitting a laser-like brilliance that dispels darkness and shields against harm. This fiery torrent pours from his eyes, a laser of divine intent – a beam that dissolves malevolent energies at their core

As the vice captain of Ogun's celestial vessel, Ogou Gé Rouge has been entrusted with the mission to safeguard souls and unlock the pathways to karmic destiny. The intricate strokes and colors in the painting serve as a testament to his vigilance, capturing both the ferocity and the grace that his role entails.

Bring "Ogou Gé Rouge" into your space, and feel the surge of celestial energy infusing every corner. Let its presence serve as a bastion against negativity, allowing you to concentrate on your journey and ambitions. This artwork is a shield, a conduit to an otherworldly defender who empowers you to navigate the labyrinth of life unburdened by ill intent. Embrace the cosmic rage and healing energy it embodies, and experience the liberation to fulfill your deepest desires.

This painting is also available in large size in PRINTS.

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