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"The Burnout Loa" is an extraordinary painting that beckons you to witness the embodiment of primordial fire and one of the guardian of souls. This mesmerizing artwork captures the essence of the universe's inaugural flames, weaving a tale of protection and resilience that resonates deep within.

In "The Burnout Loa," fire takes on an otherworldly form, its flickering tendrils a testament to the ancient energy that birthed galaxies and kindled the stars. The painting comes alive with the fiery dance of creation, a dance that now stands as a sentinel against the shadows that threaten the human spirit.

This painting in this Hoodie with the signature "C'est La Vie" isn't just pigment, words and tissue; it's a guardian of souls, a beacon of hope amidst the darkest hours. "The Burnout Loa" isn't merely a depiction; it's a talisman, an embodiment of the fiery protection that shields against the encroaching abyss of the soul's night.

Legend has it that this Loa was born from the very first sparks that birthed suns, and with each solar birth, its fiery essence grew stronger. As the universe aged and consciousness emerged, the Loa's purpose evolved – it became a guardian against the tempestuous journey of the soul, a guide to prevent the descent into the abyss of despair.

In the artwork, the Burnout Loa stands resolute, its form composed entirely of those ancient flames. Its fiery embrace doesn't scorch; it heals. Its radiant light doesn't blind; it guides. It's a testament to the unyielding strength that resides within, a reminder that even in the face of exhaustion and darkness, there's a spark waiting to reignite.

Where "The Burnout Loa". as a shield against the shadows, an affirmation of the fire that burns within you. Let its luminescent presence remind you that, just as those first flames endured through eons, so too can your spirit withstand the trials of existence. With The Burnout Loa hoodie, you're not just acquiring a hoodie; you're embracing a story of cosmic origins and personal renewal, an emblem of protection against the encroaching night.

Story: Living in Los Angeles is not for the faint of heart, this painting was inspired by moments of near burnouts. This was the first painting Fabrice did in LA as he created and painted a Loa spirit deity "The Burnout Loa" to watches over us as our own passion fuels its living. It protects and prevents us from diving fully into the turbulent seas of the dark night of the soul. 

The Burnout Loa is also available in PRINT.

Part of the Original Classic Designs in 2022.  

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